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Behind the scene with Datuk Professor Jimmy Choo

Y.Bhg Dato’
Nicol David


Y.Bhg Dato’ Jimmy Choo

A Malaysian son who took the world of shoe fashion by storm with his signature creations. Famed for making shoes for the Late Diana, Princess of Wales, Jimmy Choo’s beautiful creations have adorned the feet of royalty, celebrities and pop stars.


Selangor Cheshire Home
Established in 1963, the Home provides residential care for residents of all races and religious background who are permanently disabled without means or resources. The disabilities are such as poliomyelitis, rheumatoid arthiritis, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy and osteogenesis imperfecta. From 2007 the Home embarked on EEP in line with the United Nation Convention Rights of Persons With Disabilities, this initiative is to open training and employment for person with Learning Disabilities. Selangor Cheshire Home is managed by an elected Management Council, made up of volunteers under the leadership of the President.

Behind the scene with Datuk Professor Jimmy Choo


Y.Bhg Dato’ Nicol David

Court Commander

Y.Bhg Datuk Mohammad Nor Khalid @ Datuk Lat

Professional Doodler

Y.Bhg Datuk Ramli Ibrahim

Nurturer of Souls

Deborah Henry

Social Activist