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Behind the scene with Deborah Henry

Y.Bhg Datuk
Ramli Ibrahim

Y.Bhg Dato'
Nicol David

Deborah Henry

Crowned Miss Universe Malaysia 2011 and also placed in the Top 16 at Miss World 2007, Deborah Henry now devotes her life to humanitarian pursuits through Fugee.


Fugee School
Established by Deborah Henry and Shikeen Halibullah in mid 2008 as ‘SKEF’ (Somalia Kids Education Fund) the co-founders began by providing weekly English and Mathematics tuition to a small group of Somali refugee children. In May 2009, they expanded operations in partnering with a private tuition centre (Save Education Centre) ran by Somali refugee Shafie Mohamed. The centre taught English, Mathematics and Somali to a few individuals within the refugee community with the ability to pay RM80 per month. Under the leadership of the co-founders the centre was soon transformed into an initiative that reached out to over 100 underprivileged students, providing additional subjects from Computing to Art, Theatre and Green Living, as well as extra-curricular activities at no cost. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) recognizes the Fugee School.

Behind the scene with Deborah Henry


Y.Bhg Dato’ Nicol David

Court Commander

Y.Bhg Dato’ Jimmy Choo

World Renowned Shoe Couturier

Y.Bhg Datuk Mohammad Nor Khalid @ Datuk Lat

Professional Doodler

Y.Bhg Datuk Ramli Ibrahim

Nurturer of Souls