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Cartier’s history of watchmaking has been written over more than a hundred years, in a style that perfectly combines creativity and watchmaking excellence.
Alfred Cartier and later his son Louis were always interested in the measurement of time. Even from the very beginning, Cartier times was inventive, fantastic and ingenious, defying the norm and reconciling bold, avant-garde aesthetics with the requirements of complex, innovative movements.
It linked dreams with reality and jewellery expertise with watchmaking technology, developing cult designs such as the famous Santos wristwatch of 1904 and the Tank watch of 1917.
The two creative revolutions anticipated new lifestyles and inspired change, encouraging watchmakers to confront new challenges. Throughout the century, Cartier associated with the leading watchmaking brands to define a new vision of watchmaking. It was this collaboration between design craftsmen and expert watchmakers that created the signature of a new style.

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